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It’s not easy!

It is not easy to grow, it is not easy to love, it is not easy to face the problems, is not easy to live! … At least that’s what everyone says. Nevertheless, we grow and make mistakes and they are part of life and we all have to face them in order to grow.

Since children we hear recalls such as: do not do that because you’re going to hurt yourself; be careful with this, with that! There are so many advices and repeated so often that we end up knowing them by heart. When we become adults we repeat the same phrases and the same advices to our children and to our friends, hoping they do not get hurt. However, although we use our intelligence and all our knowledge to avoid any kind of suffering, it seems that there is something “higher” than ourselves, that makes us make some choices, which we know that are most probably incorrect but they will teach us a lesson we still do not know.

What happens when, despite all the life experience, we are tempted to make choices that we know they are most likely a mistake? The truth is that we need to live our own stories, feel the result of our actions, to learn “from our mistakes!”.

We learn from our life stories!

Photo credit: amypalko via / CC BY-NC-SA