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The right boot for all types of body builds is a knee boot

Any woman, doesn’t matter what body shape, benefits with this type of boot. For example the woman that has very thin legs and doesn´t like it, the knee boot will make her feel more at ease. The woman that has very tall legs this is a way to minimize the silhouette. The shorter woman that likes to use knee boots, the boots must be snug to the leg because wider boots will make the legs seem shorter. The suggestion is to use the boots over trousers, or over leggings, the same colour, this will lengthen the silhouette.

Knee boots can be elegant and attractive if used correctly. They are simple, yet sexy and give personality to the woman s look.Fitted and comfortable boots elongate your legs and when paired with skinny pants and a loose blouse the effect is magnified.

Low-heeled boots give a woman a more British and conservative style and is a great piece for any woman s wardrobe.

It is guaranteed that you will call attention especially if you use high boots with a skirt or a dress above the knee.