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Would you like to look taller?

Are you short or average height? Here you have eight advices to dress and look taller.

  1. Prefer high heels. This advice seems simple and obvious and it deserves to be the first one. High heels make the silhouette more elegant but pay attention because if they are too high , you can look vulgar. For those women who do not like heels, we recommend choosing footwear with thick soles and medium heels.
  2. If you choose boots, high boots highlight  the leg height, but you must wear boots up to the knees and with high heels, so that they create  verticality in silhouette. High heels boots are perfect if worn with short skirts (by the knee and above it) and with tight trousers. Choose a boot model with the right shaft for your legs in
  3. Wear tight clothes. The large clothing contributes to lengthen the silhouette and hide the body shapes.
  4. Prefer  slim jeans that slim and lengthen the legs unlike baggy pants. Low-slung trousers are also not advisable.
  5. Pants, skirts and high-waisted shorts do make you look taller, a little like magic!
  6. Attention to accessories. They must be feminine and full of style but not too garish. Large bags also make us look twice as small.
  7. Clothing with Vertical stripes also gives the illusion that you are taller.
  8. Choose a hairstyle that makes you look taller, hold the hair in chignon or a raised ponytail, thus lengthen the top of your body.

Photo credit: Postsumptio via / CC BY-NC-ND