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Reasons to buy Portuguese shoes

Globally, the footwear industry realized that quality is more important than low prices. So today, many customers who had opted for cheaper labor countries, leaving Portuguese companies, have returned to place orders in Portugal valuing quality, design and know-how of the Portuguese. Portuguese products are gaining international recognition, but it is still a hard challenge, however Portugal is betting increasingly on quality footwear production.

Portuguese shoes are now a brand that sells and helps Portuguese companies to sell their products. The stamp ‘Made in Portugal’ in footwear, makes a good impression on customers, they know that it is, for sure, a good product, sold anywhere in the world.

Reasons for me to buy Portuguese shoes:

  • Because I deserve
  • Because I’ve always dreamed of having a pair
  • Because I like to be noticed
  • Because I feel beautiful
  • Because it a kind of therapy
  • To cause envy to my friends

Apart from these we could mention many more reasons, however it is not necessary. The campaign “The Sexiest industry in Europe”, which purpose was to present to the world the Portuguese footwear industry as the sexiest of Europe, speaks for itself.

Photo credit: Luca Pedrotti via / CC BY-NC